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The Blog is Born by Shane Murphy

June 29, 2011

Frances opened the evening (her last as President) by offering “congratulations in absentia” to Beatrice on her recent new arrival…..

…and then over to our Toastmaster or the Evening, Patrick. 27th of June. 32 degrees on the streets of Zurich. What better theme of the evening than “Summer Holidays”. Ah ha, that’s why he’s in shorts!

Theme of the Evening: Summer Holidays

Theo, as General Evaluator, put into words what everybody else was thinking, when he wondered whether having Yosh as a Jokemaster was such a good idea. “At least it’s not Jim”. he reassured us (no point blaming Tamara, Jim!).

Word of the Day: Laconic

On with the speeches……..

Elia kicked things off by proving that “One Minute” isn’t always what it seems i.e. 60 seconds! It sometimes seems a lot longer and occasionally a lot shorter. It’s surely rarely as short as when one is trying to evaluate a speech and rarely as long as when one is racking their brain for Table Topic words.

Catharina K
then taught us a thing or two about “The Psychology of Colour”. We learned that “the colors we surround ourselves with impact both our outside world and our inner well being”. Perhaps then we should change the decor of our room to white walls with yellow curtains, she wondered aloud. Yellow, you see, promotes communication. Maybe she’s onto something! I’m not sure how impressed our hosts at Werdguet would be with our creativity. Perhaps its wiser to leave it as it is. Never mind. Yellow can also lead to carelessness.

Thereafter, Ann “got comfortable with visual aids” and used PowerPoint to convince us all “Procrastination” is one of life’s evils. You convicted me Ann! The proof is in the blog!

Bettina wrapped up the speeches by inspiring us to believe that “Small Things Matter”, becoming a Competent Communicator in the process. She started by telling us that “for a person for whom small things don’t exist, great is not great” and ended by demanding we “go home and start enjoying the small things”. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what she did herself. Went home and enjoyed the many small things she’d picked up during the evening. The CC badge, the best speech ribbon and the presidency gable. A nice hattrick Bettina!

The evening was progressing smoothly. And just as everybody was relaxing into the break, our sage Theo threw a spanner in the works. “We’re 10 minutes ahead of schedule” Let’s have a quick fire Table Topics before the break. Maggie, tell us about your best summer holiday experience”. Which she did splendidly, before passing the buck to Tessa by asking her what she’d do if she won the Lotto. Tessa, had made the fatal mistake of making eye contact! I bet you’re happy you did now Tessa, considering the ribbon you took home at the end of the evening. But do we really believe she’d give that much money to charity?! Of course we do!

Table Topics were wrapped up just in time for a joke from Yosh. It may not have had a punch line as such, or even have made complete sense to the majority, but as always he had us laughing.Which is of course the aim of the jokemaster.

Theo, in his general evaluation, admitted to succumbing to Patrick’s Austrian charms, but wished he hadn’t had to look at his legs all evening!!!

The prizes were awarded……

Best speaker: Bettina
Best evaluator: Marina R
Best Table Topics: Maggie & Tessa (joint winners)

…..and then it was onto the committee handover.

The old committee was rightly given a sterling applause for all their selfless hard work during the previous year. And when the applause finally died down, the new committee was rung in to the clinging of Prosecco glasses and the scent of some very fine Frances Turley homemade apero treats. Frances, if we gave an award for Toastmaster of the Evening, then those treats would have made you a shoe in.

The new committee charged with responsibility for guiding this fine club forward during the next year is:

President: Bettina Rutschi
Vice Presidents Education: Olivier Leroy & Shane Murphy
Vice President Membership: Tessa Neumann
Vice President PR: Patrick Nini
Secretary: France Bernard
Treasurer: Sergio Weber (in absentia)
Sergeant at Arms: Marina Kortenbusch (in absentia)
Patrick, in one of his first tasks as VP of PR, introduced a new role of blog writer to our meeting. Hence, you have been reading the “Blog is Born” by Shane Murphy. See you all on July 11th.